Gigantic spider

Found this gigantic spider nearby a farm called Saanen Dairy Goat Farm, Balik Pulau.




View more of my Macrography Picture here!


6 responses

  1. Amazing creature! ^ – ^ I always want a singapore blue tarantula ,Hua Wei, but my dad said something like : you are a girl,Yin..and that became a dream only, yah , my dream spider ^ v ^ !

    1. Never know you got such kind of hobby!!! Really special~~ Anyway, you’re still very young huh I guess?

      1. I fall in love easily with animals, haha , it sounds a little bit weird for a girl who loves Iguana, tarantula ,gecko, snakes .. eh ? ^ – ^

        But they are really amazing ,and beautiful – I think , mother nature truly created so many wonderful things for this world 🙂 !

        Very young ? haha , why do you say so, Hua Wei ? my DOB is : 18/12/1989 ^ – ^

      2. WOW!!! your taste is so special!! haha~
        I never knew a girl loves these type of creatures u know? Many friends of you like these too? Tell me more.
        Hopefully you would believe this, im younger than you 7 days!! Same month, same year!!! Aha!!

  2. haha ,I love animals in general ,Huawei ,they are always amazing,beautiful colors,cool abilities, mystery world, like that ^ ^ !

    However, I thought that it was quite normal then, since many people have snakes,Iguana, frogs as pet ,but I don’t know if they love those pets by heart or only buy those animals by curiousity!

    ^ – ^ nope, not many friends of mine like them,Huawei, there are only 2 boys who share this feeling with me,haha. One owns an exotic pet shop – he buys iguana, corn snakes ,pacman frogs from Thailand then sell them out with high prices.

    The other boy is my best friend, he first found strange when I told him I want a singapore blue tarantula, but then he fell in love with them super fast,haha,I “persuaded” him to buy a couple of CWD (chinese water dragon) ,hehe , they are just so cute,Huawei ^ – ^

    once there was a small orange gecko which appeared in my class, I didn’t know where it might come from, might be from the little park near our school, my friends yelled like hell , and they ran out of the class, only 1 boy, I , and my teacher stayed ^ ^ I was so excited, you know, that was a great chance, I tried to hold the gecko , but he ran too fast,haha, and climbed out of the window,nah!

    25/12/1989 ??? cool ^ – ^ you must have double presents on that day eh ? yah , we share the same month, same year, but different zodiacs , you are a male capricorn ^ – ^ do you belive in zodiac, Huawei ?

    1. Haha.cant really imagine a girl can like those animals that much. Well, I mean, I still haven seen one before until knowing you.Ahaha.

      Errm, not really believe it 100 percent but sometimes still read about it and see how much it is relevant or accurate about me. Hee..what about you?

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