Freshy and Greeny Balik Pulau

In a big sunny day, three of us explored the lovely town in Penang, Balik Pulau.

In Malays, Balik Pulau means Di sebalik Pulau, which means this small town located at “behind of hill”. There is only 3 routes can be reaching Balik Pulau from Penang Island, and since it took quite some time, more or less 35 minutes, causes less people to visit this town. Apparently this reason not really boosting the town’s economics, but in fact, it leads to the well maintain of the town’s natural scenery and buildings.

In one day time, we first visited The Saanen Dairy Goat Farm, Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory, Titi Kerawang Waterfall (ops i’m sorry for no picture for this!), Bao Shen Yuan Durian Farm and Teluk Bahang Water dam. Oh, not forgetting the last visit paid to a fishing village and enjoy the sunset view at there. It was once a very nice travelling and meeting friendly people over there. Always willing to share, and treated outsider like us sincerely.

MayTeng (Daughter of Goat Farm’s owner), Mr Chang (owner of Nutmeg Factory) and Uncle Durian Seng (owner of Durian Farm), special thanks to three of them shared to us a lot of knowledge and experience. That make the simple trip simply gorgeous and informative!

Saanen Goat

How to differentiate male goat and female goat?
Alike human, male goat (billy) has a handsome obvious beard!
And the supplementary food he was eating now provided calcium to ’em.
Special thanks to knowledge taught by the farm’s owner daughter, MayTeng.

Goat barn’s inner look

Hey so what?!

Doggies pet by the farm’s owner family

Mother goat breastfeeding puppiesss~~~

Isn’t it look like a map?? Lovely doggies family~~

Mr Chang sharing his experiences about the usage and function of nutmeg.

Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory.

Fruit, seed and flower of nutmeg in the process exposed to sunlight.
According to Mr Chang, this is a very “luck-depending” process because the sources of sunlight could not substitute with technology.
Whenever there is no sunlight, they would not pick the nutmeg as it would be rotten without sunlight exposure.

Flower of nutmeg. It can be produced to be Nutmeg Oil and functioning in healing headaches or dizzy. It has very high Chinese medical values.

3 years (left) and 4 years (right) Nutmeg Trees.
Mr Chang is very friendly and he is appears to be very willing to shared his knowledge on nutmeg. People in Balik Pulau are always so kind.

Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory

Ghee Hup Nutmeg Factory

Hakka Dishes name written in the white board.
Non-technology things sometimes make you feel an unspoken-comfort.

Under Durian tree, strong sunlight is nothing. We had a very relaxing chat with the farm owner.

Scenery in Durian Farm — You can find the feel here!

Durian Farm Accommodation Room

Silhouette of the farm

The favorite pics of mine on that day!! Look at the blue sky and the charming cloud and u will know why!!

Farm view.
The owner (in white shirt) was speaking to us. Introducing to us his future plan for his farm! How ambitious!!

The second time durian flower blooming in a year and how frequently this happen? Durian farm owner said it happens 35 years ago!!




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  2. […] Night VersionMy first step to KuantanMalacca this time!!Freshy and Greeny Balik PulauMagnifyStory […]

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