My first step to Kuantan

The luxury 5-star hotel own by Sultan Pahang.

The decorative item in front of the Restaurant Your Place.


There is a lot of people fishing at the Kuantan River. And it look like kinda relaxing, huh? 🙂



Blue and Red forms the beautiful sky in that amazing way!

Black stone beach, Kuantan

One of my fav picture of the day

True friendship is the most reliable other than family. And you earn it when you give somebody yours. 🙂

Blue+bench+tree+tower=beautiful morning

A cup of coffee make my day!

The soft sand and clean water impressed me so much!

Our home is just like the home for is with us no matter where we are.

An eagle only have one thing. She has the sky.

Taman Gelora. Not only the sea is beautiful, the lake, too!

My camera snap in the rainbow while I was planning to shoot the tree..that was too lucky I was!

Two ants were carrying a dying caterpillar way home. Lunch or dinner can I know?

View of the Camel Hill, at half-peak in the Lembing mountain.

Enjoyed viewing and waiting for the sunrise!!

On the way heading to the rainbow waterfall.

Reaching rainbow waterfall. Waterdrop from the sky was just too soft and bathing is really a good idea!

A man posing for his friend to snap his picture. LOL! It is so “heroic” for me to snap him at his back.

Well, luck is a little bit not on our side as we failed to see the big rainbow projected on the water. We always have next time, right?

Claimed as the best maggi mee in the world as it is cooked by the mountain water.

Somebody’s artwork and found it out before we go off.

Changing an angle for a weird picture is not that bad huh

A look down on our way back and the Kuantan River under sun

The Pan-Mee, or known as Mee-Hun-Kuih is made of Pandan (yellow), Dragon Fruit (red) and Pumpkin (Yellowish orange) natural food colouring. Interesting man!

Group pic of all of the “foreigner”, snap by the local JH

Fish in the pond performing food snatching for us

The statue located at the main entrance of Buddhist temple welcome all of the visitors.

The four mandarin Buddhist quote lesson: Never demanding. It’s all inside you.

An overview at the compound of the Buddhist temple

Looking up and we always have different perspective.

Love is everywhere. Love is the most beauty. And love is not gonna stop.


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